Buying And Trading NFTs


After purchasing the NFT, check your inbox for an email titled: “Claim your NFT.” Suppose you do not see the email. Try searching your spam folder as well. Once you open this email, you will click on the “Claim NFT” button, which will direct you to a screen where you can enter your wallet address.

If you have a Metamask wallet, download the Metamask extension on desktop or app on mobile. Click on the “Connect to Metamask” button and hit the “Sign” button when prompted by the Metamask plugin.

If you have a Coinbase or other third-party wallet: Select the drop-down arrow next to “Add Wallet Address Manually.” Then copy your wallet address and paste it into the box. *Make sure to verify that the wallet you use is compatible with Ethereum.

If you do not have a wallet: You can use the “Create wallet for me” option and use your email to generate a unique wallet. PLEASE NOTE: this wallet will need to be exported afterward if you want to sell the NFT on OpenSea.

If you use the Nifty Bridge wallet, your NFTs will automatically appear in your account. If you use another wallet provider, you may need to take additional steps to ensure the NFT is viewable on your wallet. Please follow this link for information on viewing NFTs inside Metamask, Coinbase, and other wallets.

The Nifty Bridge wallet is a one-click wallet system that uses your email to generate a unique Ethereum address to send your NFTs. This wallet will allow you to claim and view your NFTs without going through the hassle of setting up a traditional wallet and worrying about adding additional networks and troubleshooting. You can export your wallet from Nifty Bridge into Metamask by selecting “Export” in the top right corner. If you forget your password, you can always reset it on the wallet home page. *Make sure to delete your account after exporting it into another wallet for security purposes, and permanently save your private keys somewhere safe.

If you choose to use the email-based Nifty Bridge wallet, you must export your wallet to sell the NFTs on OpenSea. For instructions on exporting into Metamask, please follow this guide. After exporting, save your private keys, and delete your existing Nifty Bridge account when the export is complete.

To sell your NFTs on OpenSea, you will need to first connect your wallet by clicking on the wallet icon in the top right corner of the webpage. Then select your wallet provider and connect using the prompts on the screen. *If you have a Nifty Bridge wallet, you will need to export the account into Metamask before doing this step.

Once connected, you will now be able to see your NFTs on your account. If you select the NFT, you can then list a floor price to sell the NFT for.

If you do not see your NFTs viewable on your profile, you may need to unhide them first. To unhide these NFTs, navigate to the “hidden” section and select the three small dots on the bottom left of the NFT. Then choose “unhide” and then hit “save.”

If you use a wallet that does not support viewing NFTs, you can always export your wallet into one that does, such as Metamask. Contact your wallet provider for questions on how to export the wallet.